Spooklights near Cloverdale, Alabama

There is a place in northwestern Alabama where very large and bright pulsating balls of light can be seen on an almost nightly basis.  Unlike other Spooklight area, these are truly unique.  They are frequently seen in clear view and are not some faint point of light in the distance like in some other locations.  And they are very large and bright.  They suddenly appear and disappear and most are in view for about five minutes.   Some times they are just a few feet above the ground and some are seen floating about 200-300 feet above large fields and wooded areas.

They have been seen since the early 1970s and can still be seen today.  One of the best places is a short distance east of where SR 272 intersects the Cloverdale Highway.  This place is north of Florence and not far from the State Line. Most are seen from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m.  You can do an internet search for more info about the Cloverdale, Alabama Spooklights.

Attached are some time exposure photos showing large balls of lights seen near Cloverdale.










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